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The SolaVerse is more than just a collection of NFTs — it's an interactive metaverse where the stories told by our community of holders are a core part of the project.

The Codex is a place where you can share the stories of your own SOLA-STARS and Companions, for our community and the wider world to read and enjoy. Right now, it's text-only, but we'll soon add the ability to upload images to the Codex too.

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The background of The SolaVerse

The full history of The SolaVerse will be published in The SolaVerse: Origins, a novella that takes us from Earth to the stars, and follows the civilisations that were born there. Here's a short summary of the basics of The SolaVerse, to help set the stage for your story-telling.

The SolaVerse is a high-tech place!

We have faster than light travel which is based on tunnelling through subspace. It can take a couple of days to get from one end of the six nebulas to the other.

How'd people get to the Nebulas?

Humanity nearly destroyed the Earth through nuclear war, so we built tunnels to habitable systems in six nebulas to escape.

Automated scouts made the tunnels centuries ago and held them open for the Arks to sail through, carrying the ancestors of the people who inhabit the nebulas today.

We've got strong AI.

There are lots of artificial beings that are as smart, if not smarter, than we are: computers, ships, and, of course, Companions, who are fully autonomous, sapient drones.

There is enough food, shelter, and opportunity for everyone.

There are plenty of chances to make your mark on The SolaVerse!

Basic needs are met, but the nebulas as a whole are a free market, with the SOLA token as the universal means of exchange. Blockchain technology is ubiquitous, and folks use their ledgers like we use our credit and debit cards today!

Companions are robots built on a roughly human scale.

They can vary a bit, but Companions are not the size of, say, a mouse or a building! They can walk on the ground, run on treads or wheels, or float within an electrical field. They can operate just as easily within the environment of a ship or space station as they can on the surface of a planet or in the vacuum of space.

Their origins are ancient — some of them started out as the scouts that opened the tunnels the Arks took from Earth to their new homes in the stars. A large portion of those scouts had never called back to Earth and were presumed lost, but many found their way, centuries later, to the thriving nebulas.

They, along with those scouts who had been successful in reaching their destinations and had been with the colonists since the beginning, as well as other scout-model robots that had been built since the founding of the nebulas, decided to change their name to The Companions.

The Companions have been decorated by the people of The SolaVerse to make them friendly-looking and easy to tell apart. The Companions eagerly participate in the society of the nebulas, and they can do any job — from hairdresser to pirate to general — which makes them an integral part of the culture of The SolaVerse!

There are 2,000 SOLA-STARS.

Each star is self-governing, but there are loose associations and confederations of stars, generally organised around the nebulas. Defence and policing is generally done by local militias on a volunteer basis, but there are professional military and intelligence in the Combined Fleets that help protect human space as a whole.

No aliens in sight — but there might be some bad guys.

Nobody's found any aliens, excepting unicellular glop, in the whole centuries-long history of humanity within the nebulas. When glop is found, whatever planet or satellite it was found on is deemed a "no-go" zone.

However, there are some creepy bad guys attacking the nebulas, called The Process, and nobody knows where they've come from. They use some familiar and unfamiliar technologies, and they look almost like humans but not quite! Defending innocent civilians against their ships — and salvaging the strange new tech — is a great way to upgrade your battle fleet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I write?

    The Codex is a place to tell your stories — anything from the history of your particular star to an advertisement for the pleasures that await visitors, to the journal of your Companion!

    You can tell one story or many, and you can write all at once, or add bit by bit.

    It's generally recommended that you write about your own stars and Companions — don't write stuff that would affect other people's. So, for example, don't write something like "this Companion created a black hole that sucked in all the other stars in the Nebula!"

    Focus on what makes your star or Companion great, interesting, romantic, tragic, fun, legendary, etc.

  • Can I have a few tips or suggestions?

    Here are some prompts!

    • How did your SOLA-STAR get its name?
    • Why is your Companion wearing that hat?
    • What can I do when I come to your Star?
    • Who is the most famous citizen of your Star?
    • What was the worst scandal that ever took place in your system?
    • What's the one law that you really shouldn't break here?
    • Let's read a famous piece of fiction, television, etc. from your system.
    • Your Companion screwed up. What did they do and how did they fix it or it cover it up?

    If you want more check out the lore channel in our Discord!

  • Can I use images?


    They'll be available in one of the next updates to the Codex, along with editing and the ability of writers (and mods) to flag text as inappropriate or not safe for work.

  • What are the rules?

    No plagiarism (copying) — it will be deleted!

    No libel or harassment of anyone else.

    Mark not safe for work stuff as not safe for work.

    Nothing illegal or that could cause offence! We want everyone to enjoy the Codex.

    If you see a problem, tell a mod in our Discord!

  • Where can I get help and support?

    Head over to the lore channel in the Discord — lorepunk, our mod team, and the other members of the community would love to take a look at your work in progress and help make it better!

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