Companion #479

Traveling through space isn’t like how the movies made it out to be. There is no dreamscapes or fantastical light shows. No spunky sidekicks, no overly dramatic catchphrases, just the hum of the “space folders” and the “time rippers”. You simply stare blankly at the wall hoping that the ship doesn’t impact a small pebble like space object or course correct to close to a neutron star.

Do yo know what a small object with a little bit of mass can do to a ship traveling faster than the speed of light? Well, neither does anyone alive. Still staring at the magnetically enhanced rivets trying to calm your anxiety of perishing, either in a fiery blast or being sucked out into the cold void of space, is better than cowering under a desk. Meanwhile, trying desperately to kiss your ass goodbye after seeing the bright flash of the Czar Bombs being dropped.

It still sucks that interstellar travel is hampered by the restrictions set on Earth. Just another butterfly effect. Like how Roman roads effectively effected how the first space shuttle was launched. I wonder if there will be any butterfly’s in the system were all traveling to? It’s hard to believe that only a few days ago we were scuttling the planet and preparing for this year long voyage to some distant star halfway across the universe. I guess when they ask how far can you trust a droid? The answer is as far away as earth is from this SolaVerse. Essentially flinging these companion droids to trail-blaze routes and ensure the rigors of space travel was safe for humans. Lucky enough for us it is.

I sure hope they have Baja Blast in the cafeteria. If there was one thing we got right back on Earth it was that. War has a way of dampening everything about life, less one thing. For me that’s a nice Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

The financial wars of 2023 were really something. It all started after the long pandemic of 2019. A simple virus concocted in a laboratory had everyone questioning everything. They say that if there is one uncanny similarity or occurrence it is a happenstance, if there were two its a coincidence, and three or more and it becomes a conspiracy. Think about it, the United States intelligence community decided to release classified documentation about aliens and no one batted and eye. Want a history lesson? Well stay put. Get your favorite grog and put some pizza rolls in the air fryer.

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Operation Dawn