Companion #480

In 2012 was the first happenstance. The economic bubble burst but no one knew it. It took 10 years and a worldwide pandemic to finally break Atlas’s back. People pointed fingers and just wanted to blame someone. Governments seemed to think they were going to get away with it like they did in the past. Raise interest rates, ease monetary policy, blame oil companies and inflation. They failed to look at the monopolistic companies that were the ones really behind it all. When one company controls who is able to get Fruity Pebbles and who isn’t all hell can break loose quite easily. In this case hell was slowly creeping like the hell mouths of bad Buffy storylines. Except in this case, civil wars came equipped with nuclear arsenals. Amazing how a man in Florida can power his home from a relic of the Cold War but some yahoo in the hills of West Virginia can create a dirty bomb that would ignite the world.

Russia and China started swindling the world, holding back resources and basically devastating all of the eastern countries. This led to feuds with the western world, kind of like a reverse World War II. Instead of the United States hoarding oil to be thrust into war of nations it was Putin and Xi Jinping. We thought that the Ukrainian war was going to lead to nuclear disaster, then we thought that Taiwan was going to erupt in tensions and US air forces to be shot down by Chinese antagonists. But the real devastating blow was going to come from somewhere completely unexpected. A dirty bomb if you will. Probably something put together by Jethro to own the ‘libs’. I mean even I have a hard time believing that a deer-turd picking Trump follower was able to create such a devastating domino of events is beyond comprehension. I’m sure it is just another conspiracy anyway. Luckily conspiracies aren’t strong in where were headed.

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Operation Dawn