Arkamoto 15


'Arkamoto 15' should be classified as a White Dwarf but due to an hitherto unexplained phenomena it shines not white but green. Gravitationally held in proximity to the star is a bluish nebula that is largely made up of particles of the metal Thallium. This unusual element burns with the same green flame colour as 'Arkamoto 15' which accounts for it being a classified a Green Dwarf. What is not known is from where the thallium comes from in apparently limitless quantities. The thallium cloud forms a metallic fog preventing sensors on the probes exploring this solar system from returning any meaningful data. Optically it is established that there are five planets within an asteroid belt . Beyond this rudimentary information nothing is known. This has created an air of mystery that has spawned tales that span the spectrum from speculation but plausible to fantastical mythology. 'Arkamoto 15' is a diminutive binary star that hides in plain sight next to its attention grabbing sister star Arkamoto. For now 'Arkamoto 15' remains the unpopular sibling attracting little attention. At least that was true until the bursts of fragmented data packets broke out of their thallium prison bonds and were promptly grabbed by deep space communication arrays. Now a growing number are eyeing 'Arkamoto 15' askance.

Operation Dawn